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How well do engineers communicate with non engineers?

Engineers are considered to be doers and not talkers. The best they can manage is to sketch something and use monosyllabic jargon in talking to others of the ilk.

But there are times when an inventor has to talk to the investor or the journalist. jargon and technical terms may leave such an audience cold dealing a death blow to potentially win-win ideas.

Is this the general view. Should we introspect on how to talk to Aam Aadhmi (with clout and/or moola)?

Cutting the jargon is key to investor success

durga ch
durga ch • Apr 5, 2012
I was in situation few weeks ago where I was supposed to present Routing protocols , benefits and uses to management . But again, i was as well asked to cut the technical jargon to expect more participation.Luckily, i used real time examples to explain routing protocols rather than technical definitions.
I think this is obvious, engineering people might not understand what non-engineers might be speaking and vice versa, unless specific benefits are put forth (read profits) in understandable language investors might not really be keen on adopting the idea
CE Designer
CE Designer • Apr 5, 2012
If you are talking to a professional who has years of expereince in any field i think it is possible for an engineer to convey his message in word. But he/she has to use words that will build pictures familiar to the person.
This update throws up problems in communications between engineers themselves:
zaveri • Apr 24, 2012
engineers do sometimes find trouble in communicating, with the laymen. i discovered this when i was teaching my younger brother , to drive. i used terms such as engine torque , engine rpm, and fuel inflow, whenever i tried to tell him that he should apply more pressure on the throttle while travelling uphill, and the result : he was thouroughly confused

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