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@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Aug, 2012 • 2 likes
Every year, a large number of engineering students flock CrazyEngineers Forum looking for tips and tricks on how to prepare for campus recruitments. I thought of compiling an article to give you a roadmap on how to go about it and make sure you are well prepared to grab the first opportunity that comes your way. Preparing for campus recruitment should be a strategic approach and start early. The the first and the foremost step in cracking any campus recruitment drive or interview is to be eligible to appear for it. Quiet a common sense, isn't it?

Make Sure You Are Eligible For Campus Recruitment Drives

First thing to do is to make sure that you are eligible for the campus recruitment drives conducted all over India by various companies. A large number of companies ask for 'all-clear' throughout all the semesters, to the first thing to do is to make sure you do not have any backlogs. If you do; forget everything else and start working on clearing the subjects. That's the most basic thing you can do. It would also help if you could short-list the companies that you are eligible to appear and are likely to visit your college or University for recruitments. I'd also recommend you to identify the industry you'd like to make your career in. For example, if you are an Electrical engineer that wants to be into software industry, do a study of what it takes to be a software engineer. If you need any help; we're always here on CrazyEngineers to help you.

Starting Your Preparation Early

If I'm not mistaken, almost all of the companies follow a similar recruitment pattern for engineering freshers (graduates). The pattern begins with an aptitude test followed either by group discussions or technical round of interviews. A lot of students ignore the aptitude tests and focus more on technical preparation. That's not a great thing to do because if you can't get through the first level of filter in the whole selection process, your technical knowledge won't matter. So aptitude test is the first thing to focus on.

Cracking Aptitude Tests Conducted In Most Campus Recruitment Drives

Aptitude test is basically a test of your basic math and reasoning skills. The test is conducted to short-list the candidates for the next round in the selection process. Most of the engineers find the aptitude tests easy to crack because it involves basic mathematics questions and few logical questions. The only way to crack this is to start practicing early and make sure that you take a lot of mock tests. You can find several questions being shared in our Quiz / Math section so feel free to post your doubts there if you have any. I'd like to stress more on taking tests regularly to track your progress.

It's completely OK to skip the tough sections [viz. Probability, Permutations & Combinations]. Don't waste too much time on it if it's not your forte. Rather, focus on making your strong fronts stronger.

Cracking The Group Discussions & Technical Interview Rounds

Know what the interviewers expect from the candidates. They don't expect you to be engineering superstars. What they expect is to 'know' what you've studied in the last 3-4 years. That's all about it. It would help to revise all the topics for the sake of 'knowledge'. Read subjects for 'yourself' and not to crack any exam. That's the best way to prepare any subject. I'd also recommend you to prepare one or two topics 'more' than others as your 'favorite topics'. Most of the interviewers would tend to ask for candidate's favorite topic. Since you are preparing for campus recruitments, make sure that you are thoroughly prepared to handle questions on your favorite topic.

Ultimately, it's natural to be nervous. But don't take any interview as your 'last interview'. That thought makes people nervous. Instead, take every interview as an experience. We've shared a LOT of tips and tricks in our Jobs & Careers Section on how to handle group discussions, technical interviews and HR interviews. We hope you will find them useful. If you have any questions; feel free to post them here or in our Jobs/Careers section.

Wish you all the best and may you get the job of your dreams!

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