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@Kaustubh Katdare • 28 Jun, 2010

I'm starting this thread to help the job seekers find their dream jobs. Infosys is pretty much on lot of software/IT engineering students' list.

I request current Infoscions to share tips & tricks on how to get selected in Infosys. How to clear the tests and interviews. It would be great if you could share tips & tricks for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals!

We look forward to your tips & tricks. If anyone has any questions, please post them in this thread.
@Sahithi Pallavi • 28 Jun, 2010 Yes, I had a question.
I heard that Infosys conducts only written test and HR interview and nothing like GDs or Technical Interviews. Is it correct?
And All are saying that Infosys has a different strategy to conduct written test. Mostly they opt for puzzles, right?
On what basis they select candidates?
@vishnu priya • 28 Jun, 2010 Actually i have heard that as far as Infy is concerned the very first Aptitude/Question round matters a lot!If you are through then others you can just pass by with not much difficulty.
@Stephen_c • 18 Jul, 2010 well at infy all you need to do is clear the aptitude test and show some confidence in your interview... interview is only hr and is really a cake walk.... so dont panic and you will be through in your interview...
@silverscorpion • 19 Jul, 2010 I'd suggest anyone targeting companies like infosys, TCS or CTS to be really strong in quantitative aptitude and verbal ability.
Mostly, the written test will only consist of puzzles and some quants. Also, there will be a section on verbal.

If you clear it, then the interview will really be very easy. If you are poised and are confident, you should be able to clear it without any sort of preparation at all.

I'd again remind that your focus should be in puzzle solving and verbal ability. From this, you can infer that they are looking for people who can communicate their ideas well, and who has a good problem solving ability.
Develop those, and you're in. 😀😀
@Manish Goyal • 01 Dec, 2010 very nice tips
looking forward for more

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