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@safwan • 10 Nov, 2009
well, I have project for my grade 12 board exam in subject Informatics Practices. I have to make a inventory system and have to produce reports . For this I required to design a reports, I am able to add Reports form through Project menu but I don't find More Active X Designer option .But when I checked it in components also I didn't found it in components also hence I checked it in references I am able to get Data Environment 1.0 but in my pc its giving like Missing : Data Environment Instance1.0 in reference dialog box .so what should I do to add the ms data environment in my pc. 😔
@Mahesh Dahale • 10 Nov, 2009 • 1 like Before you can access the Data Environment designer, you must reference it in Visual Basic.

To reference the Data Environment designer

1. On the Project menu, click References.

2. From the References dialog box, select Microsoft Data Environment 1.0, and then click OK.

To add a Data Environment designer object to a Visual Basic project

1) Right click on Project name [ex.Project1(Inventory.vbp) Then click ADD then Data Environment


1) From the Project menu, choose Add Data Environment.

The Data Environment designer is added to your Visual Basic project, the Data Environment designer window appears, and a Connection object is added to your Data Environment.

By the way
Microsoft Data Environment 1.0
Location:- C:\Program Files\Common Files\designer\MSDE.dll
@Mahesh Dahale • 11 Nov, 2009 In some case add data environment may not be one of the menu choices
in this case,

1) select Components under project menu items
2) choose the designers tab and check the boxes next to data environment and data report
3) click OK

The data environment will available
@hanif_hefaz • 02 May, 2015 i could'nt find microsoft data environment in references please help
@Ntambo Njobvu • 01 Sep, 2020

i could'nt find microsoft data environment in references please help     


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