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Roddick • Jul 23, 2009

How is Solar Energy Stored?

One of the drawbacks of solar energy systems is that the Sun doesn't provide a constant stream of energy. On cloudy days or at night, the amount of energy your system receives is reduced or eliminated altogether. This in turn impacts the amount of electricity or heat that your system produces during those times.

To overcome this drawback, homeowners can take advantage of several methods available to them for storing solar energy. The methods available differ depending on whether you are using solar electricity applications or solar heating applications.

For solar electricity, it is stored using either batteries or the grid.
For solar heating, it is stored using thermal mass, water tanks, or swimming pool water.

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Munguti • Jul 24, 2009
Is there a question somewhere because the title suggests so.
kashish0711 • Jul 25, 2009
The title is the question and the post is the answer to that question.
shahrul • Aug 6, 2009
I though this is a question problem, but the post give the answer. Some people think solar panel can stored energy but actually it needs a battery in solar system.

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