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How can we do the project Question paper Leakage Detection and Alart System?

I am first year cs student.

I should do the project in 3rd year or 4th year.

So, we should now decide  project what we are going to do.

Please tell me what are the things needed to do the project?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 21, 2018

Anuhya, the first thing to do would be to find out what your project will actually do and how will it work. Which means, what is going to be the input and what is going to be the output. 

For example, how is the project going to check whether the paper got leaked and who is it going to send alert to. Without knowing this - it'd be impossible to start working on the project. 

The second thing you'll have to do is list the specific features of your project. For example, will your project notify the police directly OR to some other specific people about the leak? Then, it it doing to do that through SMS or a phone call or a WhatsApp message? 

You will need to least at least 5 features of your project so that you know what is the overall limitations of the project. 

The third thing you will have to do is find out which technology and software tools are you going to use to develop this project. Do you have any expertise in any programming language? Can it be used to develop the specific features that you've listed for this project?

If the technology or language you already know aren't going to be useful; then you will have to learn the appropriate technology. 

Also determine the platform on which this project will work. Is it going to be a completely web-based project? Or is it going to work in the form of a mobile app? Will your project need any kind of electronic sensors or image recognition to identify leaked paper? 

You will have to answer such questions to get clarity about your project. 

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