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How a protocol works.

Question asked by mohit007kumar00 in #Coffee Room on Jul 17, 2010
mohit007kumar00 · Jul 17, 2010
Rank B2 - LEADER
I want to know how a protocol works.by triggring a command or what. Posted in: #Coffee Room
rishi0922 · Jul 18, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Protocol is like a language which is used to make two computers talk.

four layers of protocol are:
1. Application
2. Transport
3. Internet
4. Network Interface

as you can see protocol has four layers.
Programs talk to the Application layer. On the Application layer you will find Application protocols such as SMTP (for e-mail), FTP (for file transfer) and HTTP (for web browsing). Each kind of program talks to a different Application protocol, depending on the program purpose. After processing the program request, the protocol on the Application layer will talk to another protocol from the Transport layer,usually TCP. This layer is in charge of getting data sent by the upper layer, dividing them into packets and sending them to the layer below, Internet. Also, during data reception, this layer is in charge of putting the packets received from the network in order and also checking if the contents of the packets are untouched.
On the Internet layer we have the IP, which gets the packets received from the Transport layer and adds virtual address information, i.e. adds the address of the computer that is sending data and the address of the computer that will receive this data. These virtual addresses are called IP addresses. Then the packet is sent to the lower layer, Network Interface. On this layer packets are called datagrams. The Network Interface will get the packets sent by the Internet layer and send them over the network or receive them from the network, if the computer is receiving data.
Nowadays almost all computers use a type of network called Ethernet.
nemonizer · Jul 21, 2010
a protocol is a set of rules that is implemented thru langauge.

question arises that how these rules work?

very well , have u ever wondered how railway signal system works? they follow rules to ensure safety and protection for their regular business . for instance a rule is common in the railway system that if any train enter into station thru outer signal then the two outer most signal become red as long as the train leaves the station for a particular track. this is to prevent any other train to enter on the same track where another train is present. now this rule is implemented thru electronic system previously it was manually implemented .

if you want to know more about protocol feel free to ask me i have indepth knowledge of this as i have done many project in which various protocol had to be impelemented.
bill190 · Jul 22, 2010
Rank D1 - MASTER
A protocol is an organized system of communication. If several people in a school classroom started talking to the teacher all at once, then the teacher would not understand what was being said!

So there is a system or protocol used to solve this problem. Students raise their hand, the teacher selects a student, then the student talks.

Computers on a network can all talk at once as well. So there is some sort of system or protocol used to decide which computer gets to talk first!
martine4161 · Jul 26, 2010
I think it is very good topic to discuss about how protocol works. It is very helpful and interesting post.The Protocol Technical Support is a team of very professional and expert technicians who are fully qualified to supply you with the best solutions to your problems. There are lots of protocol like telnet, ftp, smtp, echo, tp-tcp, arp and many more protocols are available.On the first part of this tutorial we have explained about FTP, an Application layer protocol for transferring files using the TCP protocol on the Transport layer.

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