HigherStudies/Job:Help me out !!!!!

Hi All,

I m B.Tech in CS [Text to be kept private removed ] I want to do something gr8 but here m not getting enough opportunities.I m planning to do preparation for M.Tech in CS(computer Science). Is it good from the point of view of my career [Text to be kept private removed] ?

Please help me out.................

Thanks & regards


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hi All,

    I m B.Tech in CS & currently working in an MNC in Bangalore.I have 1.5 yrs experience but i m not happy with my work. I want to do something gr8 but here m not getting enough opportunities.I m planning to do preparation for M.Tech in CS(computer Science). Is it good from the point of view of my career or I should continue with my job?

    Please help me out.................

    Thanks & regards
    Hi Shalini,

    Good that you posted here. Before we dive into various solutions, help us understand the problem that you are facing.

    Its common to hear that software engineers aren't happy with the work. Yep, many times you won't get enough opportunities at the workplace. So, could you please tell us why are you not happy with the work? For this could lead us to finding a better solution for you.

    As far as M.Tech is concerned, I'd like you to be 100% sure why you want to go for higher studies. Going for M.Tech. just because you aren't happy with the work isn't a good option. Because, once you're through with M.Tech. (count 2 years) you'll probably get a job that is similar to the job that you are currently doing.

    Is the work that you are doing monotonous? Or is it that you are not working on a technology that you are familiar with? Tell us more, please.
  • shalini_goel14
    Thanks for the reply.
    [Text to be kept private removed ]
    Thanks & regards
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak

    The problem you are facing is very common in the industry. I can make a guess- you are working for a company with thousands of programmers, or what I call them as code hackers sitting & trying to prove their worth. And the company is trying to prove a collective worth of all the non core, non critical bull s*** software development work that people like us do sitting there in these companies, right?

    Don't worry, laugh out loud. This is a global phenomenon and will exist till the time we kick our brains and really get into some innovative stuff. Welcome to Crazy Engineers. This is one place where we discourage redundant, boring stuff and promote innovations. I would suggest you visit CE labs. I'm sure you will find some thing really interesting that you feel like working on.

    Regarding post graduation, well I'm not sure what I should be suggesting. The degree will definately help you to garner even more knowledge in the area that you specialize. However it will not necessarily land you in the best of jobs unless you do it from a premier institute.

    I suggest you send me your updated resume and let me see if I can help you.


    Best Luck!
  • Mojojojo
    Hey!!just was interested to know about the difference between a USA and UK masters degree(in any field) with regards to Job prospects and future career?

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