Mahima Garg
Mahima Garg
Computer Science
09 Jan 2019

Hi , I am working as a Java developer since one year but coding is not interesting for me as I have no interest. Will automation testing be a better option for me?

Sir , I want to switch from development to automation testing as I found coding not interesting. Will it be a right career option for me?

10 Jan 2019

Mahima, welcome to CrazyEngineers. I'd recommend reading our existing discussion on "Career in Development Vs. Testing" it's got lot of important posts. Take your time to go through it. 

If you can, I'll encourage you to talk to the software testing teams that are working in your company. Find out what kind of tasks they perform and whether you think you'll enjoy working on them. It's essential because software testing may not always involve automation. It mostly starts with manual testing; which could be boring or mundane for those from development background.

You could start working on any automation tool of your choice. I'll recommend picking up Selenium because of its popularity among software testers. 

I'd strongly recommend joining the software testing group on CrazyEngineers because you will not only hear from those who are working as software QA but also from those who are looking to make a switch to testing. Please follow up all your questions in the group so that you can get quicker and better responses from QA folks. 

I hope this helps. 

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