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Stephenmccarth • Nov 2, 2008

Help with interfacing dc stepper moter to computer

Hey lads my name is stephen im working on my final yr project, basically have to build a dc and stepper motor manually controlled and interface to the computer so that i can control it through lab view! really would appreciate any help you guys can give me!! thanks!!
binu_ji • Nov 3, 2008

Use this circuit for interfacing stepper motor to PC parallel port. Connect it to the data lines of parallel port. Then you can easily control it from your PC through any language (C, VB, labview & more)
Stephenmccarth • Nov 3, 2008
Big thanks for reply that will be very helpfull!!! just outta curiosity does it have to be a parralllel port or could it be a usb port?

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