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12 Aug 2008

Help me choose a topic for paper presentation

hi i am jai.... i am a 2nd yr EnC students studying at manipal,,,,actuall dis is my 1st post so i dnt no whether i m posting it to the right place or not.....
i am in desperate need of a topic on which i can write a paper......i feel engineering is absolutely not interesting until u du sumthing technical....so plz ...u all are the gurus n so plz guide me ...
12 Aug 2008
Re: hello 2 all

First of all, the title of your thread "hello 2 all" is totally irrelevant to the content of your post. So make sure you put an appropriate title to your posts. I'm editing the title of your post.

Secondly, I'm surprised that you want to write a paper and you're not sure which topic to choose.

Thirdly, it would help if you mention your areas of interest so that others can help you choose your topic.

Fourthly - avoid 'SMS' text' while posting on CE Forums. That's a common protocol we all follow.

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