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Romeos_person • Oct 28, 2006

Hello from Romeos_Person

Re: Introduce Yourself - Let's know each other!

Sorry, I can't use the template, that's too conformist. ;-)

I'm Romeos_person - because Romeo is my cat and he rules the house. Even the dogs are afraid of him! My nickname while I was an exchange student was "gringa loca", so I figure that qualifies me for this board.

I'm a civil engineer, I work for a municipality.
I got my PE in 2001, woohoo! That's a test I never want to take again.

I carry two cell phones, both Razr.

I don't smoke, I do drink - alcohol even on occasion, and I really try to avoid programming if at all possible!

My hobbies vary depending on my mood. I love to travel, scuba dive when I can (in case you haven't noticed, there aren't many beaches in the mountains!), hang out with my pets - 2 labs, 1 cat and some guinea pigs, moderate on a guinea pig forum, snowboard, hike, pretty much anything that is outside and in the mountains - even better if my dogs can go. I learned to knit and crochet recently, just because. I love to read, pretty much anything, cooking is cool too. Which is how I found this site, from a link at cooking for I volunteer with teenagers through my church.

I can't tell you everything - then there wouldn't be any reason to hang around for a while!

The meaning of life - to have a life with meaning.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 29, 2006
Re: Introduce Yourself - Let's know each other!

Welcome to the board, Romeos_person 😁
Sorry, I can't use the template, that's too conformist. :wink:
😁 Template was introduced because we had started getting introductions like these -

"Hello i am xyz, looking for friends!!!" 😁

Looking forward to see you around. I'm moving above post to form a new thread 😀

-The Big K-
p.s: Colorado rocks!
Jerry • Oct 29, 2006
Welcome to CrazyEngineers and welcome to Razr Club! I own a v3i as well. I'm thinking about starting a discussion on mobile hacking. Anyone?

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