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Safo Kofi
Safo Kofi • Dec 26, 2016

Heat engine (automobile), "complete and incomplete combustion".

Heat engine is like the heart, it breathe in and out the human heart. The throttle pulls in air the same way the human nose does. Then combustion take place. The question is what is the process of complete combustion and incomplete combustion with equation...taking diesel C12H23
The heart is just a pump. No reactions take place. No air in heart either. Likewise the nose is just part of a passage. The throttle is also a passive restriction. It neither pulls in or push out anything. All combustion in the body takes place in the cells of the body.
In complete combustion,
2 C12H23 + O2 = 24 CO2 + 11.5 H2O

Actual exhaust composition can be seen ere:
2 C12H23 + O2 = 24 CO2 + 11.5 H2O
There is an error in the equation. It should be:
2 C12H23 + 35.5 O2 = 24 CO2 + 23 H2O

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