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Heart Monitoring Collar Allows Endangered Sheeps To Text Their Shepherd

Question asked by Smeechi Mittal in #Coffee Room on Aug 4, 2012
Smeechi Mittal
Smeechi Mittal · Aug 4, 2012
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A new technology to help the shepherds keep a check of their herd's safety is recently developed. The device is a heart monitoring collar which constantly keeps a check at the sheep's heartbeat. In case of attack by a wolf or any other danger, the heart beat boosts up. This increased heart rate is identified as an alarm of danger and let's the device send message to the shepherd. The device has already been successfully experimented on a herd in Switzerland where the herd was fitted with the heart-monitoring device, and was later harassed by wolves. The increased heart rate of the harassed  sheeps was high enough to be used as an alert to send the text.
[​IMG] Technology Makes It All Possible
Though the current method to keep a check on the herd is hard to quit. But a pocket- friendly technology can be accepted, just to be a little more alert. None the less, it brings the ignorant shepherd close to technology!

(Image credit : Only Ewe And Cotton Too ) Posted in: #Coffee Room

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