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srinu • May 29, 2007

Guide Me!

Hello Friends!

1) I can prepare DOS bootable and Windows 98 bootable cds but i am not able to prepare windows xp cd. I tried two to three times but i failed to make it as windows xp bootable. Source was in my hdd, i want to make it as bootable windows xp cd..

2) Second thing was can anyone tell me how to prepare a cd as autorun or autoplay cd..

no_atkt • May 29, 2007
to create an autorun cd ... u need to create an autorun.ini file and put it inur cd

the contents of the file should be:

.... for icon u put the icon file u want and open is the file that should be executed once the cd is inserted .... remember the u will also have to copy the icon file to ur cd

as far as ur first query of creating a bootable xp cd:

[download nlite from here ... its a simple gui program easy to follow steps u should be able to make a bootable cd if u can read
srinu • Jun 2, 2007

i am downloading the nlite gui program. After preparing bootable i will inform you....

srinu • Jun 2, 2007
Hello CEans!

Can anyone provide help about Virtual Drive
how to create virtual drive
Advantages and disadvantages of virtula drive
requirements of virtual drive

no_atkt • Jun 2, 2007
what virtual drive do u want to make?

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