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Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal • Oct 9, 2009

Green house effect

This question arises in my mind ....Why in CE there is not thread related to Green House effect??As Today Green house effect is a critical issue for our future as well as present generation
As we have heard news that in karnatka,India,,flood have break the record of 100 years ..Don't you think now Green house effect is showing its effect...
also today I heard the news that Maldiv is going to vanish the ministers of Maldiv have decided to have meeting under ocean to discuss about this topic...on 17th October
so guys why don't we also have discussion this can we control it??

Please put some light on this topic...
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Oct 9, 2009
I would side with the argument that accelerated human activities has caused global warming (and hence the erratic weather effects), but there are some adamant people out there that claim there still isn't enough scientific evidence to back this up.

I haven't had time to plow through the results of current findings, but it is quite obvious that pollution isn't a good thing for both humans and nature. By the time there is an explicit proof, it would be too late. So, thanks to the nature activists and lobbyists who persist in environmental protection.

We have an existing thread about some things we can do to help Earth:

However, feel free to have a separate discussion on the causes of the green house effect and how we can directly deal with them.
cooltwins • Oct 9, 2009
green house effect has been long discussed with the public who just don't want to give up their ways even if it meant no life tomorrow
isn't that sad......
i remember doing my holiday assignment on it during my 8th std and now i'm in my 2nd year still the discussions are on but no big step as such....
Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal • Oct 9, 2009
yeah I also think why people are not thinking about its threat
there are many facts which clearly signifies that now its a high time to give a concentration technology has become so much advanced ..why don't we people think about thanks to china..where major source of transportation is bicycle
2nd thing need of power is also a main thing which leads to pollution because of large amount of thermal power plant...however we know there are many other sources of energy ...can anyone throw some light..why we don't give concentration to those resources like sun ...are they expensive...
or our thinking has been changed that money is more important than nature???
In world nobody considers the long term problems a issue.

They only fear and scold the government etc when the problem effects seriously their life.

everyone should change for this !!!! Inorder to protect the environment everyone should take a part 😀

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