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michael_r • Oct 2, 2008

Graphical LCD interfacing

If i am using a 640(RGB) x 480 graphical display. To refresh this i am using a 16 bit controller (a generic one, for now). This controller will be receiving data (8 bit ) from another controller, This data is to be proccessed and then an output is expected onto the screen.

If the data is being sent every 20ms then what should be the core frequency of the graphical controller. (the 15 or 25 frame per sec funda is not an issue here)

Could anyone help me out with the math. 'cause have got a value of around 4us as my core frequency. Am i right or wrong

michael_r • Oct 18, 2008
I have another question. I could not create a new thread so i am posting it here itself.

I have been using 8 bit controllers until now. Now i may have to shift to the 32 bit domain, in which i am zero. I gone through a lot of stuff about 32 bit controllers. What i wanted to know,

if i have two controllers:
Controller A is 8bit, single cycle(like the AVR,etc)
Controller B is 32bit

1. Now if both are run using an 8 mhz oscillator, since B is 32 bit, it can process a 32 bit data in 1 cycle, whereas A will require around 4 cycles. Now does this mean that B is 4 times faster than B.

2. On the same lines if i have to output 3MBytes/s on both the controllers, then will B output this data 4 times faster than A.

3. When it comes to a data of 8bit, will both the controllers take the same time.

Thank You
michael_r • Nov 6, 2008
I just wanted to know if anyone has worked on a RENESAS controller. I've been look at the H8S/2426 controller by this company, and i feel has a fabulous design. The only thing is, i am not able to figure out which C compilers are used for this ic. Could anyone brief me over this topic.

I am currently working on keil, and i don't think this ic can be programmed through this IDE.

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