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@rpower • 22 Nov, 2009
Hi guys
What is the difference between flywheel and governor? Well, I know that flywheel is a wheel which stores and releases energy and avoid fluctutations in speed and governor controls fuel supply when speed is in access or very less through centrifugal action.
But what i am confused is whats diff between two? Both tend to stabilize speed. So is the diff only in the way of working or what?
@Rohan_sK • 22 Nov, 2009 The Flywheel as said stores the excess energy and releases the same when required during the idle stroke. It can store energy which a goverener cannot.

A Governer only regulates the fuel supply by maintaning the required proper valve opening relative to the speed with the principle of Centrifugal Action ( the balls or mass attatched linearlly opposite to each other). It can control speed but cannot store energy and supply the same when required.

Where as the Flywheel stores energy and supplies it when required which a Governer does not do. This is the basic difference.
@rpower • 22 Nov, 2009 is there any use of governors in cars ic engines?
@sjmeena • 02 Dec, 2009 u see man governor works basically with the help of plunger mechanism

but flywheel does't require any such devices it transmit the power to clutch
@sjmeena • 02 Dec, 2009 with also helical gap

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