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Get The Power Of Secret Agents With This New Tetrahertz Imager Chip!

Question asked by Pensu in #Electronics on Dec 10, 2012
Pensu · Dec 10, 2012
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Picture this: you are passing through a crowded market and you see a bag lying on the ground. You take out your smartphone, identify the bomb inside and save hundreds of lives. Sounds a little too movie-sh? Well, it can actually be true with the help of new tetrahertz imager chip developed by two electrical engineers at California Institute Of Technology(Caltech).
 The chip uses tetrahertz frequency range, from 0.3 to 3 THz, for scanning and imaging. Tetrahertz wave lie between microwave and far-infrared radiation. They can penetrate a host of materials without ionizing damage of X-rays. Ali Hajimiri and Kaushik Sengupta, the duo who developed the chip, used CMOS technology, which is mainly used to manufacture computer microchips, to design silicon chips with fully integrated functionalities. These chips operate at tetrahertz frequencies. The size of the chip is so small that it can fit on a fingertip.
As the chip is so small, it can be incorporated into handheld devices. It could be helpful in homeland security, wireless communication, health care and touchless gaming. According to Ali Hajimiri, “Using the same low cost, integrated-circuit technology that's used to make the microchips found in our cellphones, we have made a silicon chip that can operate at nearly 300 times their speed.” In a successful experiment, the chip was able to project a bullet and knife hidden inside a soft toy. The chip is supposed to be inexpensive, so be ready to be a modern-age secret agent!
via California Institute Of Technology Posted in: #Electronics

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