Get software's free from Microsoft

Microsoft's software are the most demanding one among all others. Because it provides solution to all job roles whether it is for student or a IT Professional. Also it provides the facilities that satisfies the need of developer to its level.
But most of the people doesn't know that Microsoft provides learning edition of these software's free...totally free of charge. Yes, it is true. Mostly the student who enjoys developing a software prefer working on Microsoft developer tools like Visual Studio , SQL Server, Kodu but they find it hard to get the licensed version of the product.
Microsoft has always been set the priority of student on top.And hence it provides the licensed version of its products free so as to provide a opportunity to all to build a better software. Below yoy will find a link of the site where you will get all mostly used software's of Microsoft. The products are placed according to different labels like by reading or by watching or by doing. When you select a product it will show you a description of the product , its usage information and related information.
So go and explore the website. There are many tools that you might not know. Download them free and enjoy developing.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
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