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Ford Focus Electric Uses Recycled Plastic!

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Farjand, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Farjand

    Farjand Rookie

    Engineering Discipline:
    Nylon, Teflon, Terylene you might have heard. These are the common man-made fabrics available today. The polyester fibers are not only limited to these but are many more. Some are simply for satisfying human pleasures while others are Eco friendly. A type of similar Eco friendly plastic thread has found its way to Ford's Focus Electric. One of the worlds leading automaker, Ford, is incorporating the fiber called REPREVE<sup>®</sup> as a seat fabric.

    Image Credit: Scientific Certification Systems

    While we say that Ford motor Co. now has a new fiber we are actually saying that earth will be relieved of 22 plastic bottles of 16 Ounces each. The fiber is made from nothing but plastic bottles! It is recycled! The fiber is made by Unifi. Inc. Unifi Inc is a world leader in textile solutions. The green option is so much worth using that with every 1lb of manufacturing Repreve, we conserve 23000 BTU or 0.2 gallons of Gasoline.

    Now speaking of green energy solution, Ford Focus electric seems to be a better alternative as the automobile boasts of being pollution free. This model of Ford cars has been successful in leaving a cleaner impression among the environmentalists. In recent years, the car maker is moving towards sustainability in auxiliary components. It is evident from the decision of company to make foot cover from completely recycled material. It appears that Ford not only wants to have economy while operation but also it wants to imbibe efficiency in methods and ideology of production.

    The essence of using a recycled fabric 'REPREVE' is in the other options which it displaces. With Repreve, you no longer need to invent more plastics for making the seat cover. Moreover you are using the industrial waste which may otherwise be hazardous. Repreve uses lesser energy and other resources and it produces very less amount of green house gases too.

    The cars which run completely on electric battery are however not much in vogue as the Gasoline powered cars. They need the proper infrastructure for on road battery charging like the gasoline pumps which are available countrywide. However the production has started and the electric vehicles are becoming popular day by day. Soon, we can have a complete road transport system functioning of greener alternatives than the present.

    Do check out the video as to how REPREVE is made.

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