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Final year project: Intra network message service project

Question asked by mer_piyush in #Coffee Room on Aug 28, 2008
mer_piyush · Aug 28, 2008
i want some informatin and features can i add in intra network message service project

some feature like i know is as follows

1.application is load when system is boot everytime.
it run in backgroung if some other task is run
2.authorise user can send message to specific or all other user what he want
3. receiver can also send the message

what lang is good for build this type of project Posted in: #Coffee Room
nilesh1foru · Aug 29, 2008
Are u professional or a student ..
Means you want the project for collage or somthing else ??
the messengers wich runs on the LAN are useful for u...
I think you can get the Idea from the net ...
like messengers which runs on LAN ..
you can add the above features on your project....
babloo0311 · Aug 29, 2008
Rank C3 - EXPERT

i guess u need something like messenger where through intranet u tried to send mess and recieve mess na. especially like chat. basically it depends on ur skills which u can use u can program in java or .net it will help for future too. Which language ur comfortable do in that.

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