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pmohankumar87 • Dec 16, 2008

final year mechanical engineering project ideas

Sir can you please tell me some good, innovative and simple to do project ideas? I'd really appreciate your help and support.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 16, 2008
sir plss soon tell me some project ideas
Hello, have you searched the forums for the ideas? If not, please do so.
atif.shariff • Jan 30, 2010
sir plss soon tell me some project ideas
hi. even i need some ideas if you get some ideas please post them.
ranjith d k
ranjith d k • Feb 2, 2010
hi....... try turbo charged engine.. for 2 wheelers 😀
ankursach • Aug 14, 2010
sir, the topic of my project is:design and fabrication of automatic synchronous 5-speed gear box system.can you tell me that how much a 5-speed gear box would cost?
HOVERCRAFT • Dec 16, 2010
Feel piqued by the mechanism behind of those quirky floating crafts? We have just the recipe to quench your curiosity! Conducted by renowned experts in the field, this workshop is sure to enlighten you on the theory behind these amphibians. And following the tradition of Kurukshetra workshops, there's the usual hands-on session to judge just how well you have understood the basics.
Kurukshetra 2011 | Workshops

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