Exciting Opportunity with a world class product company in Hyderabad, India


Have some very interesting opportunities with a major product company here in Hyderabad, India. The company, founded in 1981, with 90 offices worldwide and more than 1600 employees and provide best in class SOA foundational products that scale with broad SOA adoptions.

Very briefly, this is what the skills and competencies requirement for the position are:

Responsibilities: This position will involve working as a software engineer to help the company develop a state of the art IDE for developing their applications. This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate. The project this person will be working will have the best of both worlds – developing from the ground up a very complicated IDE and a suite of tools and wizards for Business Logic processes using the latest Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET technologies. This IDE will be at the center of the rest of the company’s Software tools and will allow our customers to be able to Design / Develop / Build / Manage Test all from within the same tool. The successful candidate for this position will need to be highly motivated and be a technical heavyweight. This team will be working very closely with a US based development team on this project so being a self starter and communicating technical ideas effectively is essential.

Degree/Major: BS in Computer Sciences

2 to 4 years experience in software development with a strong background using Java.

a. Strong in fundamentals and programming skills of Java technologies
b. Must be familiar with and have a good understanding of Eclipse technologies
c. Experience with any of the following is highly desirable: UML, SQL, JUnit, HTML, Ant, AST parsing, Java Development Toolkit
d. Good communication skills a must.
e. Can schedule and prioritize well.
f. 4GL Development experience is a plus.

To know more about the organization and if you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please do revert.



  • Differential
    Seeing some openings in global meltdown pleases me. 😀
  • just2rock
    To know more about the organization and if you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please do revert.


    Would suggest you to be transparent in your mails from next time.See since you are new here let me tell you some rules of CE

    1> Send 100% information while you are posting
    2>Never wait for anyone's reverting etc. because here we are to help others,so if you have informations please be transparaent...

  • AnandaRoy
    Sure..will do from next time.


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