Electric Kart project (need helps)

i need your help with my project
i want to build up an electric go kart
i got the dc motor from an old treadmill
that its 1.5 hp series 3000
and maximum voltage up to 180 vdc thats mean i need 7 amp for the motor

how many input Battries do i Need?
And how can i get 180 vdc
how can i controll the speed for this dc motor ?

i need now to find a dc to dc converter a buck- boost converter
to step up the voltage
(how to build it or where can i buy it?)
to get a (12 or 24 or 36 or 48 vdc or more .... ) input battries
to convert it to 180vdc

i need a dc motor controller but i dunno where to get this stuff ?
and how can i start to design it ?
and what Type of controller i need ?
do you have another good suggetions?
if you have sites that can help me
or any good ideas that may solve my problems
or schematic for this circuits for the buck boost or the controller
plez help me i need to do this project
i will be waitin for your replies


  • sauravgoswami
    hey u can use a simple microcontroller to control ur go-kart,as for generating 180VDC,u can use a battreies in series.anyway,is size of your go-kart,important???
  • lapputappu
    you can use a simple buck boost converter for achieving an output of 180 v and it can be done only by using a simple 18 v dc supply.
    All u need is to pay ur attention to build dis project . i can tell u about the rating s of the used equipments
    so if u r interested den it is easy .

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