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Electric bus sets new world record for single charge

The 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 Max has 660 kWh of energy storage, which delivers a standard range of between 194 and 350 miles. However, at the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana, the heavy-duty bus was able to optimise its efficiency, significantly extending its nominal range. The record eclipses the 1,013.76 miles set six years ago by the Schluckspecht E, an aerodynamic EV only a fraction of the weight of Proterra’s bus.
Electric bus sets new world record for single charge
Tesla should enter this competition. Tesla Model S should be a inspiration for mileage with more than 670miles on single charge.I agree that it was small car when compared to a heavy duty bus yet Tesla can make it happen.
Still amazed by this inventions.
kunaljd • Sep 29, 2017
Chinese are also in the race. .Lets hope indian companies like mahindra and TATA motors doesn't lose out every time to chinese and american.

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