Efficiency Of Boiler!

Duration of trial of boiler is 16 hrs.
Total heating surface is 3000 m[sup]2[/sup].
Total grate area is 4 m[sup]2[/sup].
Mean absolute pressure is 12.5 bar.
Total coal burned is 6850 kg.
Total mass of water evaporated is 65000 kg.
Temperature of feed water is 40[sup]o[/sup] C.
Conditions of steam is 0.93 dry.

then determine ---

Mas of coal burned per m square of grate area per hour.
Mass of water evaporated per kg of coal under actual condition.
Equivalent evaporation per kg of coal.
Equivalent evaporation per m square of total heating surface per hour.
Efficiency of boiler.

(the calorific value of coal is 27720 KJ/kg.)


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    are you posting an assignment given to you on the forum to get it solved by other fellow CEans??? If thats the case, its not good buddy!!!!!!
  • ShrinkDWorld
    i can solve it but it requires lot of typing effort 😡. I am thinking to overcome this problem😀

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