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hbk • Jul 18, 2008

dynamic form-field generation using javascript

hi guys.
i require some assistance of yours again.
what i want is this:
there is a form (say on page xyz.php) in which i have , say, 5 text-fields.
but i also hav a button. upon clicking whihc, i want another text-field to appear.
i do now want to use hidden fields as that would limit the number of EXTRA fields to a predefined value.
besides, i also hav to access the data [in each of the 5 fields as well as ALL the extra fields] on the "action page" of xyz.php (say abc.php)
javascript code shud do it but i m not able to figure it out....
could somebody pls help me wid -
1. dynamic text-box generation
2. accessing these fields on abc.php for insertion into MySQL database.
thx a lot...
bayazidahmed • Jul 21, 2008
let us suppose this is ur button in the BODY

and create an extra empty DIV in the place where you want the textbox.

Now write the btnTesting_Click() in the HEAD


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