dynamic form-field generation using javascript

hi guys.
i require some assistance of yours again.
what i want is this:
there is a form (say on page xyz.php) in which i have , say, 5 text-fields.
but i also hav a button. upon clicking whihc, i want another text-field to appear.
i do now want to use hidden fields as that would limit the number of EXTRA fields to a predefined value.
besides, i also hav to access the data [in each of the 5 fields as well as ALL the extra fields] on the "action page" of xyz.php (say abc.php)
javascript code shud do it but i m not able to figure it out....
could somebody pls help me wid -
1. dynamic text-box generation
2. accessing these fields on abc.php for insertion into MySQL database.
thx a lot...


  • bayazidahmed
    let us suppose this is ur button in the BODY

    and create an extra empty DIV in the place where you want the textbox.

    Now write the btnTesting_Click() in the HEAD


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