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zaveri • Jul 22, 2012

Downloading software bigger than available disk space

Yesterday i was downloading a mechanical design software from the net.

But then a dialogue box appeared saying that the software required around 320 Mb , while i had only 207 Mb free on the hard disk. it asked whether to install anyway , to which i refused.

now what would have happened if i had agreed ? would my PC have crashed ?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 22, 2012
I'm assuming you're using Windows Operating System. Typically, when the application being downloaded or installed is larger than the available disk space, Windows throws an error informing about the limited space. But it offered to proceed anyway, in that case; the software installer would abort after being unable to extract the file to the disk. I doubt it'd cause your PC to crash.
No Crash I think. As Bigk said just an error would display and then abnormal termination of the program.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jul 23, 2012
You file will not be downloaded and if you try to download file bigger than available space system will get stuck/hanged.
Cleaning up temp file may create some space. try AtfCleaner small utility but still works .
zaveri • Jul 23, 2012
Thank you guys.
Kedar Malwadkar
Kedar Malwadkar • Aug 3, 2012
Which software it was?
zaveri • Aug 3, 2012
Kedar Malwadkar
Which software it was?
Mayank25 • Aug 4, 2012
Surely the system was not crashed !!!! but abnormal termination of program was held....

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