Discovery H30 headphones

Entailing a semi-open back architecture for profound, solid bass reproduction, the have it in them to be part of your gadgets must-haves kit. Their unique styling may not align with everyone’s tastes, but I think it looks great.
Overall build quality is fairly decent. F&D has carefully crafted the outer headband with genuine leather and an adjustable inner headband with soft finishing, ensuring durability and comfort for the users.

The double-layered ear-shells reduce vibration and lend impeccable sound detailing to the listener. Importantly, the fine cable used for the headphones provide excellent strength and flexibility.

The core competence of the F&D H30 is its sound—and it’s no less than crystal clear. The good audio experience between your ears is possible thanks to the headphone’s fine woven fabric that controls sound leakage.

Making sure the rhythms are pure and unadulterated, its acoustic chamber design offers fine listening experience.


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