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pinank • Dec 4, 2012

Difference between level triggered and edge triggered

hey can you explain what is the difference between level triggered and edge triggered?
solar morpher
solar morpher • Dec 5, 2012
Level Triggered devices turn active through out the time the clk pulse is high or low

But edge triggered devices turn active only in the transitions from 0-1 or from 1-0
pinank • Dec 9, 2012
so the positive edge triggered device goes high when the clk transition takes place from 0-1 and goes off when the clk transition 1-0 takes that righ?t
Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Dec 9, 2012
Nope positive edge triggered device stays ON only when the clk transition is from 0-1 and in all other time it is switched off

Level triggered ones behave in the way you have stated

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