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@Ankita Katdare • 13 Sep, 2011
'Customer is the King' - Is the statement still valid?
1. You have to assume that you are one of the members of a real GD.
2. Members of a GD who take initiatives are always appreciated. Go ahead first.
3. Synchronize your thoughts before putting forward your opinions.
4. Express positive attitude by hearing what others have to say and show inclination towards finding a solution to the problem being discussed.

Let the GD Begin!
@Rupam Das • 13 Sep, 2011 • 1 like Yes of-course I tell "Customers are the Kings". and I add "Kings Never Bargain". That is the best way to achieve the price from the customer that you want!!😁
@Ramani Aswath • 13 Sep, 2011 • 1 like Customer is King/Queen/Prince or Princess is what the ad people want us to believe. Actually it is possible that we are all being manipulated in subtle ways.
Customer is King! Really?:Money Happy Returns😁eepa Venkatraghvan's blog-The Economic Times

Here is one software for customer management:
The Customer is King - online, low, price, prices, features, cheap, reviews, review, offer, best, deals, india, laptops, computerstest

Here is a document that seems to aim to have customer as king: is king.pdf

Business Line is taking an optimistic view:
Business Line : Features / BrandLine : The customer is king

My own opinion is that most of the time the customer is being led up the garden path (even if on a cheap red carpet)
@lal • 13 Sep, 2011 • 1 like Customer is the king and will remain king forever..!!!

If someone wants to remain in the market, always, he must consider the client as the king. Because on the first place, all customers like to be treated well. so it is one good way to attract more customers. The price and quality of the product are significant. But, still a trade may happen just because the customer is treated well. Since profit is the ultimate objective in any trade, giving a bit high importance and care to the customer is always welcome..!!
@aj_onduty • 13 Sep, 2011 • 1 like
Rupam Das
Yes of-course I tell "Customers are the Kings". and I add "Kings Never Bargain". That is the best way to achieve the price from the customer that you want!!😁
"Customers are the Kings"
Usually, the marketing personnel is at the backfoot when it comes to selling. He has to sell whatever he has at a price which is affordable to him. If he doesn't he loses. he doesn't get his hard work's worth. He is an employee, just like an employee in any other field, he is earning his living by that. Other employees usually have to keep their bosses happy, treat their bosses as kings. But marketing employees have to treat not just the bosses, but also their customers as kings!
They are not seeing the customers as kings, they are treating them as that! Because their career depends on it. THe better they treat, the more they get!
@Anoop Mathew • 13 Sep, 2011 It's like the "Emperor's New Clothes" in which the emperor is blinded by all the smooth talk about the clothes that he fails to realize that he's being fooled.

Once you enter a shop, you're not given even a chance to think by yourself as to what you want to buy. The sales person is always at your assistance and keeps calling you 'Sir' (even if you're way younger than him/her and ask him/her to stop). It's often misleading and can lead to taking unnecessary decisions. Every job has to have a dignity, and a salesman has to show more passion for his career as well as sincerity towards the customers. But is that what's really happening? And look at what's happening to the customer care executives at the BPOs? Are they being treated well? So i'd say, don't let anyone become a king! Just human is enough!
@Anoop Mathew • 11 Nov, 2012 Are the advertisements today making any sense to you? Is customer still the real king?

P.S.: Hope to see a lively response. ☕
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 12 Nov, 2012 You call them advertisements of the products or the advertisement of the models coming in them in sans clothes

the recent ads show the latter is more significant than the former

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