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Rashmi Gandhi
Rashmi Gandhi • Nov 20, 2018

CS Vs. IT Jobs - Is there any difference in job placements and salary?

I'm not sure if this is discussed here before, but this is a confusion all my batchmates have. At the time of choosing a branch, we found that there was not much difference in the subjects taught to CS (Computer Science) or IT (Information Technology) students in our college. 

I think that somehow many students favored CS, but IT also equally bright students. I'm in the third year and will soon have placement training in college. There are rumors that when companies come for placements they will give preference to CS. Is that true? 

Also, is there any difference in the salary offered at the time of placement? Is it preferrable to talk to the HR about this?

Did anyone here face similar situation? Would love any help I can get here.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 20, 2018

I guess, there's no difference. IT companies these days have began hiring non-engineers as well and they've been recruiting engineers from mechanical, electrical and other 'non-computer' branches for several years now. 

Yes, after placement, I've seen some bias towards offering 'development' role to CS grads and 'testing/support' role to non-computer grads. However, I've not seen any discrimination between CS and IT branches. 

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