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gohm • Jan 26, 2009

crazy ME of the year...

If we ever gave an award to someone whom embodies the philosophy of CE, this man would get my vote. I've never met or talked to him, however his work over the years has inspired me more than anyone else during recent times, Prof. Luigi Colani. it if are not familiar with his work, here is one website:
Luigi Colani - Seine Werke

his focus is on organic forms whether it's furniture, buildings, fast cars or trucks( his tractor-trailer design is amazing!)

Do others share admiration for his work? What are your thoughts on his designs?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 26, 2009
Wow, thanks for the post! I'll try to have him in our Small Talk!
gohm • Jan 26, 2009
That would be an amazing Small Talk!
gohm • Jan 26, 2009
For the world's fastest Corvette, he re-designed the body with adjustable mini-wings and modified the blower system to sit tandem to the engine to reduce drag. The tractor trailer design allows for greater speed and fuel efficiency while allowing a better view for the driver & increased handling capability.
Lock-Os • Jan 26, 2009
Wow, he sure has a lot of very good designs. I never heard of him until now though. Odd.
Wow.. 5 decades of work. Love his concept designs!

Turbine motorcycle in 1947.. at the age of 19? *grin*
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 26, 2009
...and I was learning to ride the motorcycle at the age of 19 :neutral:

Very inspiring!
raj87verma88 • Jan 26, 2009
Quite impressive.
gohm • Jan 27, 2009
He would be entertaining to chat with. Very eccentric and thinks why beyond the box, not just outside it! It would be great to discuss the CFD aspect of his organic shapes.
no doubt he is a genuis,is a true inspiration but still plastic cant be better than metal in safety point of veiw i would definately like to know what are the safety features although nowadays plastic also provide ruggedness of steel!!!
gohm • Jan 28, 2009
Remember that both material (plastics & composites) as well as designs are improving allowing new materials to be used in advanced ways. Allowing us to advance from what once was the domain of metals. In the '70s cars will build large and heavy due to a lot of steel. This was before safety engineers really developed crumple zones which allowed cars to be lighter and more safe (I remember the dabate on crumple zones when it was new, how could something that is designed to give and crush be safer?! It was because the crushing absorbed the energy of impact minimizing the effect passed onto the cabin and slowing the inertia transferal. Nowdays all commercially made vehicles to my knowledge use this technology) Also, his designs being one-offs or limited production don not neccessarily have to meet euro or usdot (for vehicles anyways) requirements. Much the same way as if you build a car only have to meet a certain safety level of inspection rather than the same level as an auto manufacturer.
Carbon fiber is awesome *grin*
yeah,but still the skeleton of a any vehicle is made of metal,and plastic has been miserable for two wheelers thoug they are cost effective and fuel efficient

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