29 Nov 2018

Could you please provide debate topics related to civil engineering stream

I have found very interesting topics but are related to all the engineering braches in general.I need some topics that are related to civil branch.

30 Nov 2018

What are the topics that you've considered so far? 

Radhika Deshpande

Radhika Deshpande

Computer Science
30 Nov 2018

Check if your interest matches with  following :

  1. Construction study 
  2. Different techniques to reduce construction time and cost. 
  3. seismic study of structures 
  4. different materials used for construction 
  5. Civil Construction Details
  6. Top Construction Companies in World
  7. Eco-friendly construction replace economic construction
  8. innovation in civil engineering being underrated
  9. Interlinking of river
  10. Shear Strength vs a/d Ratio
  11. Deap Beam Theory
  12. Industry Waste Management 
  13. Geoengineering in civil engineering 
  14. reusing material in the most economic ways
  15. earthquake and solid homes at an affordable price for most affected places
  16. Use of harmful Admixtures in construction of water submerged bodies
  17. Cement and Steel industrial pollution
  18. Effect of Concrete on the Environment 
  19. Sustainable development
  20. Urbanization
30 Nov 2018

Thank you sister for your respose

01 Dec 2018

Is additive manufacturing a viable activity for civil engineering?


Can real environmental benefits be realised by using polymer concrete in the place of Portland cement?


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