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@Bull • 23 Jul, 2009
How can we convert pressure energy to kinetic energy????
@silenthorde • 23 Jul, 2009 Hi Bull (that sounds weird)

Pressure is not a form of energy. Pressure is Force applied on a body per unit area. If you want to convert pressure into kinetic energy, it's equivalent to saying that you are applying a force on a body and you want motion.

If you apply Force on a body, it will move and so you will have KE, unless it is resisted by a equal and opposite force (Newton's law). ;-)

Hope this helps
@raj87verma88 • 23 Jul, 2009 Yes.
Eg. Steam Turbines where the potential energy of steam (High temperature and pressure) is converted into Kinetic Energy.
Similarly, in internal combustion engines, where the high pressure of gases are used to push the piston which in turn moves the crankshaft and the wheel, thereby providing motion and hence kinetic energy.
@Bull • 23 Jul, 2009 Thanks!
So silenthorde how to convert that kinetic energy into electrical energy.
@silenthorde • 23 Jul, 2009 ...this was already discussed in one of your threads
@chinku51 • 25 Jul, 2009 The original form of Bernoulli's equation valid at any point along a streamline is:
[​IMG] where:
v is the fluid flow speed at a point on a streamline, Ψ is the gravitational potential, p is the pressure at the point, and ρ is the density of the fluid at all points in the fluid. H = h + v^2/ 2 g,
@chinku51 • 25 Jul, 2009 Force Force x length work Energy 1/2(mv^2)
Pressure = -------- = ---------------- = ----------- = -------- = ----------
Area Area x Length Volume Volume Volume

pressure= KE/Volume

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