• Jatin


    MemberJul 20, 2015

    Confused b/w dell and lenevo.

    i need to buy a laptop and confused b/w two laptops:
    One is Lenevo g50 70:
    i3 4th gen
    4gb ram
    1TB Harddisk
    2gb ATI radeon graphichs 130
    Price : 29800+1500(for two year extra warranty)=31300
    And Dell 3543
    i3 5th Gen
    4gb ram
    1tb harddisk
    Intel Hd 5500 graphics
    Price:30900+1600(for two year extra)=32500
    On Lenovo side there is 1000 rs less,and 2gb graphics on other side there is dell services ,and i also have heard some bad reviews about lenovo laptops .
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  • Abhishek Rawal

    MemberJul 20, 2015

    Are you going to use Linux or Windows ? Because there is something I would like to mention.
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