• Most people like me rely on instant coffee for their daily dose of caffeine but connoisseurs like their cup of java made from freshly ground beans. Since trips to your nearest coffee shop are both time consuming and expensive, Germany’s Bonaverde Coffee Changers have decided to bring the complete coffee making experience to your homes. They started their campaign by getting the public involved with a global crowd design challenge. After tinkering with over 135 prototypes for over a year and a half they have perfected the machine that takes in raw coffee beans and roasts, grinds and brews them with the push of a button. The process starts with a stainless steel rotating roaster that takes in raw green coffee beans and roasts them for about four minutes on six different presets. While it waits for the beans to cool down for grinding it heats up the water using the same heating element. It grinds them in the ceramic conical grinder and brews the perfect filter coffee with the help of a reusable filter.


    To please the coffee critics, they have conducted blind tasting sessions with over 15000 volunteers to make sure that their coffee tastes the best. The project seems to be a breakaway success as it has managed to garner $189,333 surpassing its pledging goal of 135,000 US dollars within a single day. As the funding continues, the company is promising its backers (who shell out a sum of $300 or more) the finished product by October 2014. Considering the rarity of raw coffee beans, the company will also be responsible for procuring them from coffee producers in countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India and Brazil and delivering them to the customers.


    Now this brings me to the an important question, will this as yet untitled machine be a staple in every household or its steep price tag of 300 USD (approx. Rs 19000) plus the cost of raw beans make it a sour deal. Before we request you to post your opinions in the comment section below, we would like you to take a closer look at the machine on its #-Link-Snipped-# and the coverage on #-Link-Snipped-# .
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