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09 Nov 2016

civil engineer RCC structure questions.

QUESTION1.The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed ?
QUESTION2.As per I.S 456-1978,the PH value of water shall be ?
QUESTION3.The minimum of main steel bars provided in R.C.C ?
QUESTION4.Post Tensioning system ?
QUESTION5.An R.C.C.Column is treated as long as if its slenderness ratio is greater than ?
QUESTION6.The width of flange of a T-beam should be less than
QUESTION7.Cantilever retaining walls can safely used for a height not more than ?
QUESTION8.For M 150 mix concrete, according to I.Specification,local band stress, is
QUESTIO9.Bottoms bars under the column are extended in to interior of the footing slab to a distance greater than ?
QUESTION10.Dimensions of a beam need to be changed if the shear stress is more than ?

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