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integratdbrains • Feb 4, 2009

Chilaxly Chating after a long time.

Recently visited Biggie's Blog. I found one of his post brought out a very interesting topic for discussion. I don't know if it is already dicussed on CE. Apologies if it has been. And if it hasn't then please pour in your views.

Kiddie talent shows have brought a great platform to exhibit their talent and shape the future in their early stages not of career but of education! What do you think, are these talent shows bringing out the best qualities,polishing and shaping their personality or they are suffering an unseen and unmeaserable loss of childhood, suffering from glamorous illusions and attitudes and getting used to the shortest ways by been prompoted to higher grade without the hardwork needed.

Are Parents right when they think of putting their child in limelight or wrong by allowing them to set their values low.

Are schools wrong by allowing the flexibility of syllabus and examination schedules or right by considering the media exposure as an external classroom for personality development?

Come on CEans tell us what would you do if your kiddie is offered this opportunity?( I know some CEans are too young to think about it but thinking doesn't have any bounds! so go on...)

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