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eeboarder • Oct 15, 2008

Cheap On/Off Switch Solution From 50' Range?

I'm looking for a solution for a single-pole switch(similar to a home light-switch) that can be turned off from 50'. There will be line of site. The device to be turned on and off will be using about 8-9 Amps at 12 VDC. On the control side, I was thinking about a cheap HC12 setup to an N-channel enhanced MOSFET. Is there anything cheaper and simpler?

What about the on/off control at that range? IR or RF? Something out of the box would be ideal. Thoughts?
binu_ji • Oct 28, 2008
if it is line of sight then you can use IR, it can work for a maximum distance of 10m. If you need more distance then go for RF. with RF you can get a maximum distance of 100m.

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