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Chatbot Is this project idea feasible?


Im a final year student in computer science,

Have good knowledge in Java, basic C++. I am interested in AI (even if that is a very large field), android apps, voice recognition (never tried doing it) would also want to try face recognition but afraid a year that i have would not be enough to learn about it and then produce a product. 

Another thing, the way my university works, they demand me to find a problem about any of my interested areas and produce a solution in that product. I need to read articles about it and find some general, popular problem that has not been fixed yet, or even if it was, find a better way of fixing it. 

My initial idea is a chatbot for educational institute that allows students to get answers to random queries about their programmes of study, events, personal profile e.g. address changes, finance options, course options for next year and details about their progression and other similar questions which include FAQ and etc. However, I can not seem to find many articles that tackle this and don't know what problem would I be solving in here. 

My idea is to take the AIML open source code on Java, and try to implement different packages together with it to make it answer most difficult questions and do tasks, however im not sure what packages to implement and whether this whole idea of mine is feasible/realistic. Also whether this project will hit me good marks, at least 80+. 

Even if you do not have a simple idea of what packages i would need to use and the process i should undertake in making this come true, could you at least tell me if this is good or nah? 

Thanks a lot for your time, I would definitely appreciate it, will be waiting for reply!

I think personal chatbots have the potential to revolutionize the way we live today!

World's full of cluttered services, information and experiences making it excruciatingly painful and inefficient to get what you want, when you want and how you want. Every task or action is full of various decision trees creating anxiety and inefficiency at each step.

The internet & smartphone revolution has given us incredible powers but it has undoubtedly made our lives more complex as we navigate through the endless landscape of interconnected dots on the web.

This has to fundamentally change – or more specifically simplified.

At a very basic level, our lives are pretty much centered around communications with other people and businesses to get anything done. That's a primary form of interaction that all of us are most comfortable with as evidenced by the rise of messaging apps and platforms. No learning curve. No advanced skills. Just plain and simple conversation.

Moreover, advancement in natural language understanding has made various types of conversations smarter and more scalable.

That begs the question - why can't there be a unified smart conversational interface through which all type of information and services be provided? Why can't we turn everything about everyone into a conversation?!

Ambitious but possible! And that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve at Bottr.

Disclaimer: I'm founder of a startup called Bottr - we're giving everyone a personal chat bot in one click

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