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@Neda Hashmi • 23 Sep, 2014 • 2 likes
A year ago, when i was in college, almost every branch were having certification course like SAP, autoCAD, MATLAB, embedded system etc, organised by training cell of our college which was going to help them in there career. but in our department, there was none.
But it was important to have knowledge other than just what was being taught in class. so we research and came up with this software- ASPEN HYSYS and one other, ChemCAD.
These are the plant simulation software software which predicts and analyse the working of a plant and equipment. All you have to do is enter the independent variable, and the software will do all the thermodynamic calculation and give you answer. Then you can change the variables to optimize the production. It makes so easy to predict the number of plates a distillation column need in order to give desired concentration, or what should be the optimum temperature for cooling tower and many more.
I loved learning this.
Infact, it is a plus point in your resume and will give you a decent jobs too because many designation ask for this course.
So, my verdict, you must have the knowledge of this software if you want to make your career in manufacturing and production. Not a must have, but will give you EDGE.
@Sandeep Rabbewar • 14 Jun, 2018

What's fee structure?

@NANDA Patra • 09 Sep, 2018

I want to start chemcad course. What will be the course fee ? 

Contact me 7978977327

@Suresh Yasamudram • 26 Oct, 2018

What are institutions in Bangalore

@Chimi Geordamie • 12 Feb, 2019

I wish to know if you offer online training.  I'm interested in mastering chemcad. 

@وليد رحيمان • 22 Mar, 2019

I want to study Aspen Hysys course 


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