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Career change at 29 yrs old from oil industry(geologist) to software development/testing

Question asked by mamdoh lotfy in #Software Testing on Aug 1, 2018
mamdoh lotfy
mamdoh lotfy · Aug 1, 2018

I am 29 yrs and oil industry has no progress or shiny from my side, already started to study Java and andoi app development, fullfiled Online course with Udacity and continue self learning. Is it easy to make this change without no previous background of software development/testing?! 

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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @mamdoh . The answer your question whether it's easy to change job without prior knowledge or experience in software development or testing is unfortunately, 'no'. It's neither going to be easy, nor impossible. You need a good strategy to change your career. 

You didn't mention whether you already searched for IT job with your existing employer. Almost every industry these days has a separate IT division. My first suggestion would be to try and see if you can get any opportunity there. 

Also, don't look for immediate switch. You will have to prepare slowly - and building a profile. My advise would be to teach yourself programming and start freelancing in your free time. It's going to be difficult, but not impossible. 

Once you gain some experience as a freelancer in the technology or domain of your choice - you can use it to apply to various jobs. Thankfully, it's very easy to start your career in freelancing. There are several websites out there where you can bid for projects.

You should first aim to get certified in any technology that you're interested in. If you're into Java programming, get JCP certification. Build at least 10 small / medium projects on the side and have your own portfolio on GITHUB. You will be able to use it to win projects. 

Keep in mind that you don't have to be a cheapest bidder out there to win projects. Quote your price and then deliver top-notch software that delights your client.

I recommend a 2-3 year plan for switching over to IT. With a career in freelancing, you will be able to join as an experienced developer than starting your career from scratch for 'freshers' salaries. 

Udacity is a good site and so is Udemy. Take as many courses you want. At CrazyEngineers, we are planning to launch Laravel Development course - which could be something to look forward to. 

Hope this helps. 

mamdoh lotfy
mamdoh lotfy · Aug 2, 2018

Thanks @Kaustubh it will help me. Wish to write here next time after good progress :)

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