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Can I add some skills to my CV without certificate?

I am a civil engineering student. My question is I have learnt some foreign languages such as French, Spanish... & I have also learnt Autocad, Revit & StadPro.... But I don't have a certificate of these courses... But I learnt them very well. Can I add this skills to my CV for job interviews without any formal certificates.???? 

Please reply ASAP. 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 17, 2019

Yes, you can. However, it's likely that you might be asked for a proof at the time of Interview. Let's say, if the Interviewer knows Spanish and decides to test your knowledge - you might be asked a few questions in Spanish. You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Be extra careful while writing technologies that you are familiar with. If you actually have worked and are comfortable with AutoCad or other software; it's okay to mention them. 

I've caught several candidates who wrote several technologies in their resume just to make it look attractive; but couldn't answer even the simplest of the questions. If that happens, rejection is confirmed. 

I'll however recommend obtaining a formal certificate in the technologies, tools, languages that you wish to highlight and are relevant to the job you are applying to. 

Mohit Patil
Mohit Patil • Feb 17, 2019

Sure go ahead and add those skills. Be prepared to answer questions. If you can answer to the satisfaction of the interviewer there is nothing to worry. But as advised above you should get a formal certificate. It creates a better first impression. 

Thank you so much @Mr.Kaustubh Katdare. 

Thank you so much @Mr. Mohit Patil

Your city will certainly have French and Spanish embassies are institutions teaching these languages. They do give certificates. 

Likewise Autocad also sponsors training centres in various cities, which give certificates. There are many online Spanish and French courses, which giv certificates. If you already know these you can quickly get through these on line courses.

Thank you so much @Mr.Ramani Aswath

@Juhi Das if you learnt so many languages then why dont you go for atleast 1 certification. It will really add value to your resume rather by just plain writing about it and then explaining it.

Thank you @Radhika Deshpande

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