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Tilak Marupilla
Tilak Marupilla • Nov 12, 2017

Can China usher the long running search for aliens?

China, with its humongous ambition to explore the space segment, is expediting all the viable ways to make it much deeper. While its recent fallout of space station Tiangong 1 was in news, China tries to detect the Extraterrestrial life, by tracing the Electromagnetic signals coming from unknown sources, which may be some light years away from earth. Albeit, many telescopes have been set in US and Russia, China tries to make a giant leap with its largest custom-built Radio dish 'FAST'.

World's largest Radio Telescope 'Fast'
This Radio dish is located in China's Guizhou Province and It was completed in September last year, at a whopping cost of $180 million. This giant radio telescope is a 500-meter aperture spherical telescope (FAST), that can detect any signals from the deepest parts of the universe. The past detected Wow Code, stands as a testimony to such occurrences. Chinese President Xi Jinping said the massive project would empower them to take larger steps in space exploration and make new contributions in building up China as a space hub for the rest of the world.​

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned researchers about the risks of contacting an advanced civilization and the catastrophic things that could happen. Liu Cixin, China's top researcher and writer in Alien life, who was invited to visit this facility, has even warned that the whole human life could become extinct and the starry sky could become empty and silent

Area 51, has been the darkest darling of space enthusiasts for UFO's presence. With China's attempt, it is clear that we can see more UFO's in the mere future. As in chorus, a report claim's sighting UFO's over the great wall of China a week ago, out of which many were confirmed to be hoaxes.

China plans to pour up to $1 trillion into research, in the next 5 years and wishes to make this a Global center for space exploration and even as a tourist hub.

Source: theqtimes

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