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Stevie34 • Aug 14, 2008

Can anyone help with a transformer problem?

Hi, I have a set of LED lights i am going to put in the bathroom for accent lighting. The thing is the the lights have a transformer that is a plug in the wall one. Thing is i wanted to be able to hide all cable and be able to switch these on with a wall switch not a wall socket.

I think (please correct me if i am wrong) if i can find a transformer that that has the same values has the plug in the wall one i should be able to hard with the lights and connect it through a wall switch.

Next thing is i cant find a transformer with the same values and i am not sure if there is one. This is the big question. Cant someone help me with this?

The values are : Input 240v ac 50hz

: Output 12v dc 200ma

Cheers any help would be great!


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