24 Aug 2016

BSNL Injecting Advertisements In Your Browser

I was shocked to find out an advertisement pop-up on a web-page I'd never expect to find an advertisement on; and I began wondering if there's anything wrong with my machine. Did any nasty virus break into my system? That was highly unlikely because I keep my machine inert to most attacks. I then discovered that it's nasty BSNL that's injecting advertisements directly into your browser at random. I inspected the code responsible for the advertisements: -

<div id="__BULLETIN__bdiv" style="position: absolute; z-index: 999999999; visibility: visible; top: 350px; right: 20px; display: block; transition: top 0s ease 0s;"><style>   img.scalable {        max-width : 100%;        height: auto;    }</style>   <img id="__BULLETIN__bdivImage" style="height: 350px;" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">            <div style="overflow:hidden; position:absolute; right:0; top:0; z-index:9999999999;"><a id="__BULLETIN__button0" href="#"><img id="__BULLETIN__button0i" name="button0" class="scalable" src="" border="0"></a>         </div></div>
The IP addresses resolve to BSNL owned servers and it's a clear indication that BSNL's just being nasty. The only solution to the problem, as it seems is that you need to block the IP locally using your router or hosts file. But that's a temporary solution because BSNL can quickly change their IP and the ads will start showing up again.

I think it's highly unethical of BSNL to inject ads in the browsers of paying customers. Have you noticed unusual advertisements in the bottom-right corner of your browser?
2 years ago
Just in case anyone is confused, here's how the advertisement looks -

I reported the matter to BSNL officer and the telecom minister; and was surprised to see his response so quick!

Will keep posting updates on the issue.
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

2 years ago
Normally you'd get these if:
- You've installed some browser extension
- You're infected by adware
- You are accessing through their "free" WiFi Hotspot

But to have your traffic intercepted and ad injected over a paid connection is going a bit too far. Did you get any feedback from this?
2 years ago
Not yet; just want more people report the same thing. The problem is - many people think that it's the website that's inserting the ads.
H K Prakash

H K Prakash

Branch Unspecified
2 years ago
Please post the ip adresses you find that bsnl is using and block them. For eg I have and
I reported their ads to BSNL B'lore and also protested that I pay R 1779/ m for my fiber conn and expect some privacy! I got an email response that they are stopping but hasnt stopped. Also a sweet female voice said the same thing and the ads continue
NO point in complaining to these $%^&*. My prob is I only hv BSNL fiber in my area. Intend to switch as soon as competitor like ACT appears!
2 years ago
Perhaps twitter is more effective medium:

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