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@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Nov, 2010
So, finally I got my 3G data card from BSNL with the offer: The device costs Rs. 2000 and the data plan is Rs. 700/month (6 months advance payment required).

I've been using it for the past few days and found out that the service is reliable. I could get download speeds upto 200kbps (FTP download). After using the service for about a month, here are my observations -

1. The software load time is more than what you'd expect. It takes my device about 30 seconds from being recognized to being ready for connection.

2. The service is not available in all parts of the country. Yes, it's available in bigger cities but it'll take some time for the service to be fully available in all tire II and III cities.

3. The signal frequently fluctuates between 2-5 bars, depending upon your location. However, I noticed that it keeps on changing at intervals even when you're not moving.

4. The services disconnects 😔 at random. Well, I'd not say it's bad, but it gets disconnected once in every 5 sessions.

5. The services goes 'idle' many times, but recovers within seconds. This is really frustrating when it comes to browsing. You type the URL and wait for few seconds...then the signal comes in and the page loads in a jiffy.

6. The browsing speed is around 300kbps - more than required.

7. YouTube videos stream like dream 😁.

8. Upload speeds are better than broadband. I got about 70 kbps upload speed!

Given the price, I think BSNL 3G is worth the price!
@csiscool • 13 Nov, 2010 BSNL 3G..nice one.I got it.But the speed is mainly depends on the location.
@MohammedP • 29 Nov, 2010 Hi All,
I am from Bangalore and stay near Majestic area. I too bought a BSNL 3G with a
data card after Diwali. The signal strength in my area is almost 98-100%.
Considering this, I get an average speed of 1.5 - 2 Mbps.
The maximum file download speed which I observed while downloading a file form Oracle website was 575 KBps. Remember its KBps and not Kbps, so its a caps 'B'.
So that was truly amazing. Therefore the maximum download speed I noticed was 4.5 Mbps and an average of 2 Mbps most of the time.
The least speed observed in the same site was 120-140 KBps with a slight fluctuation.
Torrent downloads with 4 file simultaneously, the total bandwith for download nearly reached 390-400 KBps, and upload was 1-1.5 Mbps.

This is truly amazing provided u have sufficient signal in ur respective areas.
The only doubt I have here is whether the 4200 Rs, plan for 6 months is really unlimited or is there any cap on the usage which they call as "Fair Usage Policy".
One more question please.
Am using Huawei data card, model no e1752, which I purchased for Rs 3800/= Is this the correct price? Or have I paid more for this ?
Any body who knows about this or who want to know anything about BSNL's 3G experience can drop me a mail to <no email _ES>Thanks,
Mohammed P.
@nsiva007 • 30 Nov, 2010 If its a HSDPA modem ... then worth the price i think... although some models are available @ 3.5 k.... i think...!
@MohammedP • 09 Dec, 2010 Hi Guys,
I am using BSNL 3G data card for broadband from the past 1 month.
I am from Bangalore, and stay in Avenue road cross.
From yesterday, am observing the speeds are reducing drastically. Am just getting 800-1200 Kbps or 0.8-1.2 Mbps hardly.
Is anybody else too experiencing the same.........? If yes please reply.
Do you know why is this happening? Is there any usage or speed capping in this BSNL unlimited scheme for 3G.....?
Or is it a network problem with some network device down?
If anyone has any idea about this pls reply to mohammedbit at gmail. com
Mohammed P.
@Anil Jain • 09 Dec, 2010
5. The services goes 'idle' many times, but recovers within seconds. This is really frustrating when it comes to browsing. You type the URL and wait for few seconds...then the signal comes in and the page loads in a jiffy.
to Avoid this start a ping request to any website or may be to Google, with -t so that connection wont go in inactive mode 😁
@codebluesands • 24 Dec, 2010 Hi all I'm from Bhopal and this is my BSNL 3G speed according to
I'm using a Nokia-C5-00 connected to my P.C via cable.


Only problem is the connection getting disconnected atleast once every couple of hours.. 😔

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