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ivans • Apr 24, 2012

Bluetooth implementation

halo everybody,
i have this idea of a project and would really requests for your comments and support.
i have witnessed the long queues in students mess and the main cause is the delay in the counter and i have a Bluetooth it possible to come up with a program to do the following
  1. allow the student to log in to the system
  2. access the students details(amount of money he/she has in that prescribed college account)
  3. avail the list of food available and their prices
  4. give the feedback if the student can make purchases on the selected items
  5. a feedback showing successful purchases
  6. purchase number which will appear at the counter on your tray
  7. students remaining balance on students account
  8. a "thanks note and welcome back"
  9. students log out
  10. next student available if his/her Bluetooth device is on
i have preffered Bluetooth because it can only be used within the students mess vicinity and can allow many students to log in at the same time
ysr shk
ysr shk • Apr 24, 2012
I am little bit confusing about your project.As you are saying that you have idea to create project for students who will login using bluetooth. But what is the necessary of food availabe,if their is student there is not necessary to buy the food products in school.And as he is student he should be know the current notices or exam time table or the notes.

This is possible using either Python or Java language.
One of my friend is done project of Controlling a server using Mobile SMS in java and another is done project of identifying the location and set alert according to it, i.e. you have some work at x lattitude and you had been set alert of that work.Alert means same as alarm or reminder.He is searching bluetooth and if the bluetooth device range comes from that particular lattitude he will be get alerted that he has to do some work at that location.

I hope you get my answer.Correct me if I am wrong.
ivans • Apr 24, 2012
ok in kenyan universities most students who stay in school premises have to buy food in school dinning hall that is 'PAY AT THE COUNTER AND GO WITH FOOD' my project is to use this technology and get rid of the cashier at the counter because human beings are generally slow as compared to machines..
ysr shk
ysr shk • Apr 24, 2012
Okay,I don't know about Kenya school culture so I told that there is no necessary to buy food.
durga ch
durga ch • Apr 27, 2012
Bluetooth is a PAN network with a short range, incase you want to provide access to the students entering the dining hall , I would suggest a WLAN network.
Bluetooth is a PAN network with a short range, incase you want to provide access to the students entering the dining hall , I would suggest a WLAN network.
But bluetooth is the right way, as it supports Ad-Push and it can push the information to the mobile device using flash messages. Correct me if I am wrong. 😀

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